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Tuesday 26 August 2014

How Communists failed communist  movement  in India!!!!!

How Communists failed communist  movement  in India!!!!!

Excalibur Stevens Biswas

Communism for all leftist believers is the only thing that can save a nation from the salvation of Capitalism.

In India Communists came with that promise to save under developed India from capitalist imperialist feudal system .Communist Manifesto,however,remained an academic affair despite trade union activities since pre independence industrial blitz.(The Communist Manifesto - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The Communist Manifesto (Das Kommunistische Manifest), originally titled Manifesto of the Communist Party (German: Manifest der Kommunistischen Partei), .)

Communists were never in the mainstream politics as it aligned with Congress during struggle of freedom led by MK Gandhi and Nehru.

However, British Parliamentary styled representation made communist party of India the main opposition after the partition and transfer of power.

Nambudiripad was the first elected communist chief minister of India who Nehru removed.Later Comrade Jyoti Basu and Comrade Pramod Dasgupta paved the way to power in Bengal followed by Tripura.

But the communist movement was made relevant as it adopted the land reform movement which had been the legacy of indigenous insurrections throughout British Raj.Ironically, the movement was, in fact ,really fuelled by the most condemned event of Naxalbadi.

Naxalites broke away from the mainstream parliamentary politics led by Charu Majumdar and eventually the left disowned its power house,key to power,the land reforms and adopted secular mode adjustable with power politics in the centre.

Nevertheless,land reforms and Naxalbadi, jointly made communist movement highly relevant once again in National politics after its demise in Maharashtra, thanks to Bal Thakre.

Mind you, Mumbai being the epicentre of industrial and economic phenomenon in India,Maharashtra was the original base of the communists,not Bengal as it happens the popular myth, neither Kerala.

The story is quite identical as far as Ambedkarite movement is concerned as Babasaheb Dr.BR Ambedkar began his movement from Maharashtra and it lost the bite in Mharashtra despite a brief Dalit Panther coup.

Ambedkar movement has been mutilated in cowbelt in quest of power.

It is the identical saga with communism.Shifting the base th Bengal and Kerala,the power politics killed communism all over India whereever it had strong bases,Communism survived as power brokery as it enhanced during all these twenty three years of full bloom genocide culture.

The fact remains that Communism revived  with Naxalbadi movement and it promised that the communists would  free the toiling masses,the agrarian as well as working population of India from the damnation from capitalist system dominated by feudal lords in a colonial economy.

But it deviated in drastic violence.

At the same time,the communist betrayal was default to make India an US periphery without any resistance whatsoever despite the monopoly of communists in trade union,student`s,women`s,peasant`s movement countrywide.

The predestined failure deeply rooted because of its elite leadership.representing the interests of landlords and the ruling class in general,not to mention the industrialists.

Communists criticize business friendly hindutva politics to showcase its secular anti imperialist stance.But the leaders did prove to be as much as pro business during its non challengable long run in power in Bengal.The Polit bureau reduced to become a survival kit for power in Bengal despite hardcore Kerala line.Doubletrack Bengal Kerala communist leadership ejected out each and everyone, the much needed representation from rest of India.

The naxals transformed,on the other hand,as maoists could not do anything to widen the land reform based mass base and seized within slawa judum.

The mainstream parliamentary  communist movement eventually has been arrested for life term in the castles of play cards in Bengal,Kerala and Tripura.

It seems the comrades leading communist movement in India had to do nothing with communist manifesto.

Thus, it may be concluded that the communist parties  in India did never care to  follow the ideology. They, however, worshipped Marx, Lenin and Mao in the same way as Ambedkarites  made idols of Ambedkar but never followed the icons, never applied the ideology practically nor did try to mobilise,educate and organize  the masses for movement of change.

Understandably,the impact can be seen amidst different communist clans in India which clearly indicates that there is no ideological or organisational unity, no cadre base which remains a grand myth once again and most importantly no real commitment to toiling India masses.

There has been  a so called ideological strategical infight for supremacy among the communist leaders themselves and the objective was lost.It is also quite identical syndrom in reference to Post Ambedkarite movement.

Provided the matter of domination,discrimination and supremacy inflicts as epidemic in a movement or a party,it should be seriously considered how it may face the challenges in an open market economy post modern.

The ideology never directed that the labor should  fight for  luxuries, rather it always stated that the working class must fight for their rights ,must stand against the exploitation.

But the trade unions made them to fight for the luxuries, like increment in salaries, more breaks, more casual leaves, which was a total deviation from the main problem.

Secondly,despite the much glorified legacy of land reforms, no communist party ever concentrated on the real problem and issues faced by the masses in India rather the used the linguistics and genres of abstract kind which reduced them as an obscure bunch of intelligentsia.

Communists did always explain all problems class based but never did try the polarization of classes which ironically has been achieved by the Sangh Pariwar,the protagonists of Hindutwa and Open market double dhamaka.

Communists did never read Ambedkar and never addressed the problems of caste based,racial or geographical complexities as factors of economy.Though the fact remains that in India ,the main problem is exploitation on the basis of caste, race and geography.

Ironically communists never did skip identity based politics as mainstream communism itself seized within Bengali and Malyali idenetities making it irrelevant nationwide.

Communists misused partition holocaust and the highlight of this story remains the focal point of Marichjhanpi genocide,the prelude of Singur and Nandigram which killed the grand legacy of tebhaga and food movement, Telengana revolt altogether.

Communists used refugees always as mobile vote bank and never did seriously take up the refugee issue, neither in  1947 nor in 1971. It always supported the centre as far as the refugees are concerned and also supported their deportation.

This attitude made a huge difference and refugees led by Matuas disassociated with communism as it had been predestined.Communists never stood in their favor but always tried to exploit their rights. They swiftly  turned their back on the exploited people ,the exploited and depressed classes who were mainly the victims of their power politics.For example  slum evacuations, illegal land acquisition and extortion,engagement  with ponzi economics.

They never followed the ideology as  communism teaches to see the world in a scientific way. It teaches to question every thing.In communism, there is no room for religion,no room for superstition.

Communists in India fuelled the religion issue, embarked and embraced it for their political motto, they exploited the education system,and health network at their advantage. The employment was a bigger problem as it failed to generate  opportunities but the communist rule  promoted automation as well as PPP.

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