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Thursday 20 March 2014

Symptoms of Fascism ISP IV March 2014

*Symptoms of Fascism*

*Ram Puniyani*

Fascism, a phenomenon which emerged in Europe in Post First World War
period has haunted the humanity since then. Its brutality, its crushing of
democratic norms, its targeting of minorities, its megalomaniac projection
of power of the nation, its ultra nationalism, projection of its leader as
a 'strong' leader, the charisma built around such a leader are etched on
the memory of human race as a lesson as to what should not happen anywhere
in the world again. Since then two words, Fascism and Hitler have also
become part of the popular vocabulary, expressing the nature of the
dictatorial regime and a tyrannical dictator. At the same time these words
many times get diluted and used in a loose sense for any dictatorial
regime, any authoritarian leader or person. The socio political
characteristics of the political phenomenon are very specific and one has
to keep them in mind

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