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Monday 4 February 2013

Ajay V. Jakhar, Worse Than BJP* on Doubling Food Production

Ajay V. Jakhar, Worse Than BJP* on Doubling Food Production
February02, 2013

India ranks among the poor and worst among Malnourished, Starving, Stunted and Retarded, Ajay Vir Jakhar opposed increase in Agricultural Production that is lowest in the world in 80% of cultivated area opines yet again at yesterday’s event ‘Doubling Food Production in India in Five Years’ arguing ‘Increased Production Would Lower Agri Produce Prices and Resulting in High Losses to Farmers.’

It is absolutely disgusting – I know him for 4-5 years and every time he comes up with exactly the same opinion. I had been blogging and petitioning for over 8-9 years that Punjab can double food production easily and India can feed a continent.

Hari Shankaran was also of the opinion India could double food production in all agriculture sectors and gave two examples – India is World’s No.1 in Rubber and Casava crop yields – Land holdings of rubber plantations are as low as few hundred sq. yards in Kerala.

I also supported him – ‘Punjab produces 12% food-grains and 8% milk from just 1.6% area consuming less than 1% water from Rivers in India – and there is tremendous scope of improvement through application of latest advances in agriculture technologies – India could easily Double Food Production.’

Ahead of him Dr. Purvi Mehta said ‘Livestock production value at $44b has overtaken Food-grains $40b’ and I also told Farming Leaders that all 700m Wheat and Rice growers earn $42b but Ambanis or Tata annual revenues exceed $100b.

‘India’s per capita food consumption is 50% of world average, a third of developed countries – half of Indian population is Malnourished, Stunted, Retards and Hungry alone warrants Doubling of Food Production in India Without Delay’ – was my intervention.

I have also campaigned for Tripling Farmers Income by reserving Medium Scale Food Processing Industry for Farmers – direct marketing etc – covered in many other blogs and petition.

Ajay Vir Jakhar earns more from an Orange Tree in 100 sq. feet area than poor farmers in many states per hectare. Farmers from his region were paid Rs.5-8/kg for Kinnow crop – Ajay Vir Jakhar sold his crop of Kinnow at Delhi for Rs.25/kg.

Ajay Vir Jakhar gets Three Way Advantages at par with California – 1. Advantage of Very Large Farm, 2. Best Crop Yields and 3. 4-5 times Price for his produce than farmers of his region.

He Doesn’t Favor Similar Benefits of Farming Technologies, Storage, Grading Processing & Branding and Direct Marketing, for 700m Indian Farmers. 

Indian Farmers Want Exactly The Same Farming Model
Adopted by Ajay Vir Jakhar.

Ravinder Singh,
Inventor & Consultant and Farmer
*BJP doesn’t want farmers to adopt latest Agricultural Technologies

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