Knew all along: Russia envoy on PM's NGO remark

Shubhajit Roy : New Delhi, Sat Feb 25 2012, 02:38 hrs

With Prime Minister Manmohan Singh blaming foreign NGOs for stoking
protests against the Koodankulam nuclear power plant, Russia Friday
said they had been suspecting this for long and that “some strategic
friends” of India were doing this “by proxy”.

However, Russia added, New Delhi has assured that matter will be
“resolved” at the earliest.

In an exclusive conversation with The Indian Express on Friday
evening, Russian Ambassador to India Alexander M Kadakin said: “Yes, I
have seen the comment by the PM and Minister of State (PMO’s)
statement that protesters were being supported by the US and
Scandinavian countries. We have been suspecting this all along.
Because it was very strange that since months after the Fukushima
incident, all of a sudden those protesters raised their voice against
the most secure, the best and safest reactors in the world... I stand

“From the words of the Prime Minister, some strategic friends of
India, who are not doing anything for India’s energy security, they
don’t want India to be strong,” Kadakin said.