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Sunday 2 October 2011

Revised disinvestment target in November: Official

Going full throttle to woo SC and ST voters, chief minister Mayawati on Saturday wrote to Prime Minister Manmohan Singh demanding increase in quota for them as per their population and job reservation in the private sector and the judiciary.Our old friend UDIT Raj has been demanding Reservation in  the Private sector and Government response always seemed Positive. Justice Party Man Udit Raj raised the Issue during NDA Government at a time while Disinvestment Ministry was Instrumental for Privatisation. Udit Raj did NOT Oppose Disinvestment or Privatisation rather he tried to mobilise the Excluded Communities in favour of economic Reforms! Mayawati is doing the Same demanding Quota in Private Sector!A day after demanding constitutional amendment for introducing reservation for Muslims in government jobs and educational institutions, UP chief minister Mayawati on Sunday shot off a letter to Prime Minister Manmohan Singh seeking quota for poor members of the upper castes. Just see, how Mayawati Undermines the Constitutional safeguards Ensured by Dr. Ambedkar! BSP supremo Mayawati shot off yet another letter to prime minister Manmohan Singh demanding inclusion of Jats in Central government's list of other backward classes (OBC). This is the third letter to prime minister from Mayawati in three consecutive days. It is the latest modification in her Social Engineering and Casteology!

On the other hand, as Bengali Brahamin Pranab heralded the latest agenda of Mass Destruction and Ethnic cleansing with his Budget commncing the Second Phase of Economic Reforms.The India Incs Government is Implementing Plan B to Push for Reform Drive and Divestment. Hence, the role of Mayawati who is Remote Controlled by the Brahaminical Hegemony, may NOt be judged only as a Electoral Equation of Casteology. It is Deeper Maning as the activities of Uditraj also suggest. Both of them, in fact, Supporting the Cause of Free market Economy and LPG Mafia Rule Manusmriti Apartheid, Justifying the PRIVATISATION!

Full FDI freedom in drug research!

Cabinet approves new mining bill calling for sharing profits, royalties with local communities!

UID tender delay: IT companies like Accenture, HCL Infosystems, Wipro and Mahindra Satyam jittery over vendor selection for Rs 2,000-cr contract

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