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Friday 28 October 2011

How the Brahmins caused Downfall of Hindus

All the Hindus should Know
How the Brahmins caused Downfall of Hindus
    The Brahmins proudly claim that their caste was mainly responsible for propagating and preserving the glorious traditions of culture, religion and other elements of the Hindu civilization. All the bogus claims of Brahmins about their great glory are based on blatant lies and exaggerations. Actually, the defeat and downfall of the Hindus, leading to the rule of foreigners over India for many centuries, was mainly due to Brahminism or the evil ideology of the bigoted Brahmins.
    The Brahmins still have many superstitious beliefs and primitive practices. They falsely claim to make the exact predictions about the future with the help of astrology, palmistry and numerology. The Brahmins practise the world's most massive idolatry with the worship of 330 million Gods and Goddesses. Many Brahmins have even encouraged pornography in temples, which have nude and erotic statues of the Hindu deities. Other Brahmins have practised adultery and debauchery in the temples with the Devdaasis kept there as their prostitutes. 
    While pretending to be poor beggars from ancient times, the bigoted Brahmin hypocrites, had given to themselves the absolutely divine rights of the Gods on Earth, who can practise wholesale treachery to usurp the power and thrones of the Kshatriya kings, to steal the wealth of the rich Vaishyas, and to turn all the workers into Shudras or hereditary slaves.
    The Shudras are also considered unclean by the bigoted Brahmins, which belief gave rise to their obnoxious practice of untouchability. Shockingly, these extremely "clean" Brahmins also want all the Hindus to follow their horribly dirty and disgusting practices of drinking cow's urine and eating cow-dung and bullshit!
    The bigoted Brahmins favor the extremely cruel custom of Sati because they believe in constructing more and more temples to worship more and more women who burn themselves to become Satis. If there are more and more temples, the extremely greedy Brahmins can earn massive amounts of money.
    Even in modern times, the bigoted Brahmins still dare to shout at the top of their voices that the extremely evil caste system is one of their greatest contributions to the whole world! The bigoted Brahmins have been responsible for bringing many misfortunes to the Indian people with their unwarranted massive interference in the affairs of other castes. They don't want the other people to know that the Brahmins were mainly responsible for the defeat and downfall of the Hindus many times in India's history. The bigoted Brahmins are still stubbornly against the reforms in their beliefs and practices.

Extreme Debauchery of Temple Priests
    Most of the modern Hindus do not know that a rich Brahmin in the past, who owned a big temple, was a highly polygamous man, as he could have many wives and hundreds of concubines, including the Devdaasi prostitutes, who gave birth to his many legitimate and many hundred illegitimate children. Such debauchee Brahmins were much more polygamous than the Muslims who are allowed to have only four wives at any one time.
    The Brahmins had sanctioned unlimited debauchery for their own divine caste. Nothing that the Brahmins do is considered sinful or criminal by them because they claim to be divine like the Gods and Goddesses, who cannot be punished by human beings. The Brahmins believe that they cannot be accused of the crime or sin of adultery by the other Hindus, even when they are proved to be the most adulterous debauchees in the world. They can thus never commit any sin or crime, and they cannot be punished. The Brahmins have defined the sins and crimes which only the Hindus of other castes can commit, and for which the other Hindus can be punished.
    Nathuram Godse, who killed Mahatma Gandhi, is worshipped by the bigoted Brahmins as one of their most patriotic heroes. The bigoted Brahmins believe that it was not a crime or sin for any Brahmin like Nathuram Godse to kill a Vaishya, even if he were great or important like Mahatma Gandhi. So, the bigoted Brahmins insist that the Indian Courts had wrongly ordered the hanging of Nathuram Godse. 
Raavan Symbolizes Debauchery of Brahmins
    We must remember that in the great epic, Raamaayan, the most evil Brahmin King Raavan is described as the descendant of Brahma, whom all the Brahmins worship as their God and ancestor. The Brahmin King Raavan symbolizes the worst debauchees among the bigoted Brahmins who believe in and practise polygamy, abduction, rape, adultery, fraud,  murder and other crimes.
    There are many cranks among the Brahmins who still want all the Hindus to believe that their debauchee Brahmin ancestors were  responsible for saving and preserving the great culture and spiritual heritage of the Hindus! Could such debauchee Brahmins have provided the proper leadership to the Hindus? Yet, these Brahmin debauchees have the great gumption to give sermons on the lofty virtues and benefits of Brahmacharya, which is the name they use for celibacy that they themselves don't practise.
Fighting was very Profitable for Islamic invaders 
    The extremely stupid customs and practices of the Brahmin priests in the Hindu temples had made the invasion of India by the Islamic hordes a highly profitable business. In the thousands of Hindu temples, the installation of many very COSTLY idols, whose worship was preferred by the extremely GREEDY bigoted Brahmins, was one of the most important causes for the defeat of Hindus.
    The looting of idols made of gold, silver and precious stones gave huge funds to the Islamic invaders. The costly idols of the Hindu temples, which were not properly guarded by the cowardly Brahmins, could not have been removed in a short time during a surprise invasion.  It was easy for the invaders to attack suddenly, loot the idols and get away. The idols made ONLY from clay, stone or wood would not have provided any funds to the looting invaders. The idiotic Brahmins still don't want to accept the responsibility for causing the defeat and humiliation of the Hindus.
    The costly idols of numerous Hindu Gods and Goddesses in the temples contributed hugely to the defeat and downfall of Hindus in India. Again and again, the costly idols made of gold and silver, studded with precious stones, were installed in the Hindu temples, even though the Muslim invaders came again and again to loot them. The Hindu temples were like banks whose massive wealth was looted by the invaders, who used such funds later to finance the massive expansion of their armies. 
    It was the looted wealth which could make the Muslim invaders go on increasing the number of their soldiers to build huge armies. The invaders then used their huge armies to capture and loot more and more regions of India. In short, the Muslim invaders were cunning enough to loot the massive wealth of Hindus and later use the same looted wealth to build huge armies for defeating even the most powerful Hindu kings. Even the ordinary Hindu men, women and children were captured and sold as slaves by the Islamic invaders to make money.  
Cowardly Brahmins Ran Away to Save their Lives
    From very ancient times, the Brahmins have advocated Idol Worship and Polytheism, which have been practised on the most massive scale in India. The magnitude of such practices has never been seen or heard anywhere else in the world. It was, and it still is, an extremely profitable business for the Brahmins to have millions of temples for worshipping the 330 million Hindu Gods and Goddesses.
    The Brahmins of the ancient and medieval periods only knew how to enjoy at the cost of money and lives of the other Hindus. They wanted many costly idols in their temples to attract more and more rich devotees to get vast amounts of money from them. But enough money was not spent by the greedy Brahmins to hire more soldiers as guards and to buy more arms. Instead, many Brahmins had turned their temples into brothels by keeping many Devdaasis as their prostitutes to satisfy their lust at a huge cost recovered from the devotees visiting the temples. The erotic statues in many old temples clearly suggest what exactly the Brahmins were doing in them, and how they were enjoying with their Devdaasi prostitutes for producing many illegitimate children.
    There could not have been large standing armies to defend all the temples all the time. When the temples came under a sudden attack, the debauchee Brahmin priests did not themselves fight to guard the temples. They just ran away to save their lives and expected only the few Kshatriya guards to die for defending the temples. The cowardly Brahmins left even the Devdaasis to their fate, only to be captured and raped by the Muslim invaders. Even the wives and concubines of the polygamous Brahmins got raped if they lacked the courage to commit Jauhar or mass suicide to avoid being captured by the Muslim invaders.
    There are many instances in Indian history, when many cowardly Brahmin priests even became Muslim and Christian priests who pretended to believe in the Quran and the Bible. It is commonly known that such bigoted Brahmins even took their evil caste system to the Muslim and Christian communities. They have continued to call themselves Brahmin Muslims and Brahmin Christians, as their bigoted Brahminism dies very hard.
Brahmins made Victory Easy for Muslim Invaders  
    To raise an army, huge funds are required for hiring the soldiers and for buying arms, ammunition and food. By installing the costly idols, the Brahmin priests had made the thousands of temples of medieval India very lucrative sources for the Muslim invaders to get such funds quite easily.
    It did not matter to the ruthless Islamic invaders whether they won their battles and wars by fair means or foul. Only the victory mattered to the Muslim invaders who did not believe in following any principles or morals. So the Islamic invaders launched many sudden attacks, without any warning, and also resorted to looting, abducting and raping.  
    The Hindus could never launch sudden attacks against the Muslims because the Hindu kings had to wait for the stupid Brahmins, who used their most idiotic astrology for the determination of auspicious time for the attacks. While the invaders could launch their surprise attacks on any day or night at the time most favorable for giving them victory, the Hindus had to wait indefinitely to get the sanction from the stupid Brahmins for launching an attack. Before deciding the auspicious time for an attack, the crazy Brahmins would first make many complicated astrological calculations, recite many stupid mantras for long periods, and perform unnecessary Havans just to extract the maximum amount of money from the Hindu kings. It was also very difficult to keep secret any attack planned by a Hindu army, especially if any Havan was performed before launching such an attack. 
    Even as the scorched-earth policy during any war, the Hindus were not allowed to kill the cows and other domestic animals, which were like mobile food factories readily available to the Islamic invaders. The Islamic invaders could always get plenty of highly nourishing protein-rich food for their armies, without much effort, just by killing the cows and other animals.
    The Brahmins had sanctioned Jauhar or the mass suicide of Hindu women belonging to the losing Hindu kingdoms. The Hindu women could be burned by the losing kingdoms, but the cows would not be killed even to prevent them from falling into the hands of the Islamic invaders. Because of the religious injunctions of the stupid Brahmins, the cows had to remain alive till they were killed by the Islamic invaders to be eaten as beef.
Chhatrapati Shivaji & Maharaja Ranjit Singh
    Only in later period, came the great Shivaji who could launch sudden guerrilla attacks at the time of his choosing against his targeted enemies. Shivaji employed very effective tactics against the Muslim rulers and succeeded in ransacking their forts and palaces to get large funds for his Maratha army.
    Shivaji would not wait to consult the Brahmins for knowing the auspicious time based on their stupid astrological calculations and for the prolonged chanting of their stupid mantras during the Havans. He did not believe in the never-ending mantras and Havans, which the extremely greedy Brahmins had been using to loot the other Hindu kings of their wealth. That was the reason why the Maratha Brahmins did not like the great warrior. The Maratha Brahmins had even refused to conduct the ceremony of Shivaji's coronation as the Chhatrapati.  
    Like Chhatrapati Shivaji, Maharaja Ranjit Singh also succeeded precisely because he too did not depend on the Brahmins and their idiotic astrology to launch his military campaigns.
Treacherous Divide & Rule Policy of Brahmins 
    For their own extremely selfish interests, the bigoted Brahmins have followed the Divide and Rule Policy ever since they created the caste system in ancient India many thousand years back. It does not matter for the bigoted Brahmins whether the highly divisive caste system has always weakened the Hindu community and even brought India under the rule of foreigners for many centuries. 
    The caste system of the bigoted Brahmins had prevented the Vaishyas and Shudras from fighting against the invaders. For thousands of years, the worst atrocities were committed against the untouchable lower castes at the behest of the extremely arrogant Brahmins. The bigoted Brahmins want to continue the highly divisive hereditary caste system because they staunchly believe that their caste is divine, and they must be worshipped as the Gods on Earth by all the other castes of the Hindu community.
Brahmins caused Decline & End of Maratha Empire
    With their Divide and Rule policy, the treacherous Brahmins had shamelessly usurped the power of Maratha kings and established the rule of Peshwas over the Maratha empire. During the rule of the Peshwa Balaji Baji Rao, the incompetent and arrogant Brahmin Sadashiv Rao Bhau, who was the Chief of the Maratha army, caused the most humiliating defeat of the Marathas in the Third Battle of Panipat in 1761, which they fought against Ahmad Shah Abdali of Afghanistan.
    The Brahmin commanders had gone to fight the Third Battle of Panipat in grand style, as though they were going for a great picnic for enjoyment. They had even taken their wives and mistresses along with all their gold jewellery and best dresses. The Brahmin commanders had taken along about 300,000 non-combatant civilians, which included singers, dancers, musicians, jokers and flatterers of all types, to make such huge crowds wittness their brave deeds and the great and magnificent victory, which they were absolutely certain of getting as their divine right! 
    In the Third Battle of Panipat, the Brahmin military commanders brought to the Marathas their most disastrous defeat in history because of the stupid military strategy based on their extreme Brahmin arrogance. As they believed in having divine intelligence, the bigoted Brahmins stubbornly refused to listen to the sound advice given to them even by many Kshatriya leaders who were highly experienced experts in military strategy.
    The rout of the Marathas was so complete in the Third Battle of Panipat due to the extremely bad leadership of the Brahmins like Sadashiv Rao Bhau that many Maratha soldiers had to flee the battlefield leaving all their arms and clothes behind. The Maratha soldiers and generals captured by the Afghans were all mercilessly slaughtered. The Marathas had to pay a terribly heavy price for their extremely stubborn Brahmin commanders who had rejected the sane advice of their Kshatriya friends and well-wishers.
    What happened to the 300,000 Maratha civilians who had gone to cheer and clap for the spectacular deeds of divine heroes of the Brahmin caste? Some of the civilians escaped, but many of them got killed. Many others, particularly women and children, were captured and taken as slaves to Afghanistan. That was really a very massive human tragedy, which was caused by the bigoted Brahmin commanders who vainly tried to prove themselves as some type of powerful Gods on Earth.
    The bigoted Brahmins reversed for ever the glorious tradition of great victories that the Marathas had won on the battlefield for many decades. The decline which in some years led to the end of the Maratha power, and also the Hindu power, in India was definitely caused by the bigoted Brahmin Peshwas and Brahmin commanders of the Maratha army. 
Bigoted Brahmins Practise Character Assassination
    To denigrate the royal family of Marathas, some bigoted Brahmins had even dared to cast aspersions on the character of Jijabai, the revered mother of Chhatrapati Shivaji who had founded the Maratha empire. In recent times also, the Brahmins have deliberately and maliciously resorted to their evil practice of character assassination of the great leaders from other castes such as Mahatma Gandhi, Dr. B. R. Ambedkar, Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel, Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose and many others.
    Even if they have the most pleasant manners, the bigoted Brahmins are mentally and ideologically some of the most merciless fascists and totalitarians in the world. What can the Hindus expect from the Brahmin community which proudly worships the bigoted Brahmin Nathuram Godse who murdered Mahatma Gandhi? Why did Godse kill Mahatma Gandhi? The bigoted Brahmin Godse killed Mahatma Gandhi only because he was a Vaishya who had become too important and too popular for the comfort of all the bigoted Brahmins. By killing Mahatma Gandhi, Godse helped a fellow Brahmin, Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru, to consolidate the rule of Brahmins over India.
    The corrupt, depraved and inferior ideology of Brahmins cannot save the Hindus from defeat and downfall even in the modern times. However, the bigoted cranks still bask in their false glory and want to grab power again by any crooked means to bring more problems and misery to all the Hindus. The bigoted Brahmins have again started talking proudly of their evil caste system, which they claim to be one of their greatest contributions to the whole world.
    The bigoted Brahmins still want to justify the Devadaasi system, their practice of adultery and polygamy, the custom of sati, idolatry and the massive polytheism involving the worship of 330 million Gods and Goddesses. They continue to believe in their divinity and advocate the worship of Brahmins as the Gods on Earth who can treat all the working class people as Shudras or hereditary slaves. They also want all the Hindus to drink cow's urine and eat bullshit. In short, the bigoted Brahmins want to bring back the same old fascism and totalitarianism of their bigoted ancestors. If they have their way, such bigoted Brahmins can only bring many more misfortunes and disasters to India.

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