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Wednesday 19 October 2011

Being a SC is a Sin INDIA

Self Correspondence,

Caste is always a matter of discrimination and also a way to exploit people from their birth rights assigned by the constitute of India.But if we look in the past and in current we will see how people belonging from high class they violate the judiciary and administration and according to their will they exploit people of OBC,Sc and ST in India and after doing so there is no action taken against them.Here is one example of violation of a Sc member.

Smt.Piramati Bag is a widow and aged 40.She belongs from dome community which is SC and she lives in Pudapali village Balangir district Orissa.She applied for a job at the ICDS counselling for mother and child nutrition and was selected as a suitable candidate for helper (cook) post.But the C.D.P.O. of that district cancelled her assignment to the job and gave the reasopn to her as she belongs to Sc and by nature is untouchable so people from open caste and higher caste will not accept her cooked food.
And this matter went to Judiciary and The District Magistrate gave the C.D.P.O. an official warning on 6th octuber 2010 and also and order to assign that lady as helper ,then also till the date she is not re-assigned to that post.and the official letter from the Magistrate is just given below...

So after this incident and also the other incidents can we still say that in India there is equality and everyone has freedom .. NO i say no to that..

Biline :Excalibur Stevens Biswas

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