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Sunday 9 October 2011

2012 UP Assembly Polls - reconstituted 403 member Assembly, sheduled to be functional by May 13, 2012

2012 UP Assembly Polls - reconstituted 403 member Assembly, sheduled to be functional by May 13, 2012

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for getting details of who is in present Assembly & Parties they represent.

NNFI has observed Congress declared 62 Candidates on or about Oct 7, 2011 - having declared 73 Candidates earlier. This is from a news item in The Statesman page 5, Oct 7, 2011.

Mail Today, New Delhi  Oct 1, 2011 CM Mayawati talked & stated she would FIRE CRIMINALS TURNED LAWMAKERS whilst Vijay Bahadur Pathak, UP BJP stated: ' Suspending criminals and corrupt leaders is not enough. It is Mayawati, who is most corrupt. She protects them so that she fill BSP coffers'.

TV Times Now, Oct 9, 2011 has reported that BJP Sh L K Advani is making BLACK MONEY a key Election issue in UP - during his 'Rath Yatra' whilst Congress is rebuffing stating they did not raise the issue during their Rule in 1998 - 2004.

Citizens - Voters of India know Switzerland returns Black Money to US but not to India as there is no demand or pressure from present UPA II India Authorities in Ministry of Finance. Realizing also that over 64 years majority rule, has been of Congress - the Money stolen & stashed abroad is majority of:

- Politicians estimated by Youth to be 50%

- Bureaucrats estimated by Youth to be of 40%

- Balance 10% estimated by Youth to be of likes of Hawala Traders / Arms Dealers / Businessmen & likes

Leaders of a Nation were seen & giving regard as Parents but in the case of India they are perceived now as being no less than Dacoits in terms of Money in Tax Havens.

With Team Anna Hazare ji's moves in Hisar which has made the Congress Jittery, Youth of India expect & work towards Transformation of India supporting greatly the destruction of fiefdoms & coterie Rule by our Elected Political Parties. The writing on the Wall is clear & in India there is an old time expression: 'Hoshiyar ko ishara kafi hota hai' which means Gestures & Body Language is enough for the Intelligent!

There is not an element of Doubt - our Political Stalwarts should be concentrating on Transformation from within, cleaning their homes, parties & stables, also going All out to Recruit Technocrats to be fielded and granted Party Tickets instead of Politicians Daughters, Daughter-in Laws, Sons, Son-in laws & like family members. Majority of Indians, other than 2.07% paying Taxes are miserable & hungry which reflects the extent of Miss Management within India.

Incidentally, stolen Money in Tax Havens has also been used to pay for education of children of Politicians & Bureaucrats in Ivy League & like Universities abroad but these very Children are TODAY amazed at the unethical behavior of their own Elders.

Balance months of 2011 will be eventful for Transformation of India, the writing is on the Wall.

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