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Hindi has lost race to english

Hindi has lost race to English
                Many Bhaaratiya people have hailed frequently English as a cementing force for Bhaarat. Our most famous and prolific historian, R. C. Majumdar has brought out an eleven – volume  History of India  to prove that our nationhood is a creation of English education.  Many people have contrary views to the idea that English cemented Bhaarat like author Shiela.
            Our thinking after independence has been increasingly influenced by the elite English press, which is very often called “The national Press”. The elite people and educated intelligentsia people are unable to read or speak any Indian language and take pride in this fact. When “The National Press” decries Hindi and other Bhaaratiya languages, English is not referred to by the word, as it stands on a pedestal far above.
            “The national Press’ was particularly vehement against Bhaaratiya languages at the time of linguistic redistribution which was flaunted by it as a clear example of their divisive role.
How far the cry against linguistic redistribution justified?
            Of all the states there was secessionist murmur only in Tamilnadu viz, that for Dravidistan.  But this was only faintly linguistic idea. The main spring of Dravidistan was the missionary teaching that the Tamils are Dravids who were the victims of the invading Aryans.  A strong secessionist movement was witnessed only in Nagaland, a state which declares English to be its state language and even has assumed its name in the form of English like England or Finland as Naga – Land. Thus the charge that Bhaaratiya languages encourage separatist tendencies is baseless.
            The riots and bloodshed that occurred in the wake of linguistic redistribution has been blamed on the Bhaaratiya languages. A close scrutiny of events in those days however leaves no doubt that those were the outcome of the attempts of Anglophiles to perpetuate the hold of English language. Had the linguistic redistribution been made on the basis of language alone, as was originally envisaged, it would have been perfectly smooth. But the Anglophiles apprehended that the provinces will use their own languages in place of English and this will lead to the dethronement of English even from the centre. They, therefore, had to prevent linguistic redistribution.
            The best way to do this was to create quarrels among the language groups by including an area numerically dominated by one language into a state whose majority language was different, and when this led to quarrels, to condemn the demand for linguistic states itself as a villain of the piece and ask for its rejection. Every time the question of unjust demarcation was raised in the parliament, the Anglophiles refused to go into the merits of the case and came down with a ton of brick on the idea of linguistic redistribution itself.
            Examples can be cited of quarrelling states agreeing to abide by the decision of a particular authority when they felt that they were not quite justified in having an area which should have gone to another state and only the fear of popular feelings made it difficult for them to accept what was right. In such cases, the authority, instead of deciding the case on the basis of language confirmed the wrong decision and added insult to the injury by issuing sermons on the undesirability of linguistic redistribution, though such sermons were completely outside their terms of reference. The quarrel was kept alive.
            The most shocking object to linguistic redistribution in Andhra Pradesh was that it was not possible without dismembering the state of the Nizam, and such a dismemberment would cause offence to the Muslims. This was a veiled instigation to the Muslims to run at the throats of the Hindus for keeping the Nizam’s state intact. If the Muslims have fallen a prey to this instigation the idea of linguistic redistribution would have been buried past resurrection.
            The Anglophiles did not succeed in preventing linguistic redistribution but they have succeeded in defeating the main purpose viz. making the Bhaaratiya languages the sole media of administration and education. After spilling the blood of kith and kin for the establishment of linguistically homogenous states, we are expelling Bhaaratiya languages even from those spheres where they were allowed to function even by the British rulers. The country suffered the trauma of linguistic redistribution in vain.
            It was realised by the founding fathers of the constitution that our claim to be independent is hollow. If we continue to function in English, then our claim to be a nation is pathetic if crores of Bhaaratiya citizens have no common Bhaaratiya language in which they communicate with each other. They therefore enjoined Hindi to be the language of the Union Government, so that gradually the knowledge of Hindi spreads to every Bhaaratiya citizen and a native of Ladakh can communicate with a native of Kanyakumari in a common Bhaaratiya language.
            The National Press waged a war on the language clauses of the constitution ever since they were passed.  The late Dr. Raguvira levelled charges several times that immediately after these clauses were passed, a convent educated politician vowed before him that he will leave no stone unturned to reduce these clauses to a scrap of paper. A canard was spread that the clauses were passed by a casting vote of the President; it was not even a majority decision, let alone unanimous.  The national Press refused to publish even short letters to the editor pointing out that this was not the case, and in fact the decision was unanimous.
            The Anglophiles pose to have some soft corner for Urdu of all the Bhaaratiya languages. But anybody can see that the boost to Urdu is resorted to only for sabotaging Hindi.  It was easy to instigate the Muslims against Hindi by presenting it as a Hindu language. Let no body should mistake this for a concern for Urdu, he has only to remember that when the Urdu medium in Usmania university was abolished, not a ripple of protest was raised by the Anglophiles, “Urdu may be good as a stick to beat Hindi, but it is carrying things too far to allow it to function as an alternative to English.
            When one Indian medium which was already functioning was scuttled, one can very well see that the Anglophiles were determined to defeat the moves for using other Indian  languages as media, by refusing to accept a time limit for completing the process and dragging the feet for delaying it till doomsday.
Sanskrit Banished
            By defeting the objective of Hindi becoming the official and national lnaguuage however did not satisfy the dragon. It wanted nothing short of the extermination of Indian languages from education and administration. This was achieved by two ways. Sanskrit was attacked as a language of the Brahmins and of reaction and also removed from most schools. In those schools where it was offered to stay care was taken to see that nobody could choose Sanskrit unless he was prepared to give up sciences and other bread winning subjects. After safely hounding out Sanskrit from schools, the guns were directed on other Bhaaratiya languages.
In Maharashtra after going through the unfortunate violence for the  establishment of Samyukta Maharashtra, Marathi writers have to make pathetic pleas for keeping Marathi, at least as a subject of study, if keeping it as a medium of instruction at least at the school stage, which even the British allowed, is too much to ask for.
            Squeeze was applied on the place of Bhaaratiya languages in schools but the language periodicals and broadcasts remained.  Even these have to be stopped. In a democracy one could not have banned them openly.  A clever device was therefore thought of. The Anglophiles suddenly felt the need for enriching the Bhaaratiya languages and advocated the use of English vocabulary for this purpose. With in a decade the Bhaaratiya language broadcasts and contemporary Bhaaratiya writing was flooded with English vocabulary to the extent that only those who have studied English can understand it and those who are accustomed only to this type of Bhaaratiya language can hardly understand Bhaaratiya writings before the sixties.
            Simultaneously, the use of Roman Script was advocated. Once this is accepted the final step would be easy. Why not use English itself in stead of using a hybrid vocabulary in Roman script and consoling oneself that one is using one’s mother tongue.
            Denied of the heritage of our mother tongues the new generations are completely cut of from our national moorings. We have killed our parents and now are crying for sympathy as orphans.
            What the convent – educated politician vowed before Dr. Rahuvira has not only come literally true, but much more appears to have been achieved. Even the little hope the Hindi – Sanskrit supporters and those of other Bhaaratiya languages had in the beginning appears to have completely vanished.
            What more proof is needed than the fact many times The President administrated the oath of office to the Prime Minister and his cabinet in English, though most of them could do better in Hindi or in their mother languages. Prime minister and most of the minster mostly speak in English all the time. Man Mohan Singh extremely rarely speaks in Hindi, most of the time he speaks in English and sometimes he speaks in Urdu. It seems Man Mohan Singh’s first choice is English and second choice is Urdu. Pranab Mukerjee all the time speaks in English and same is the condition of most of the other Member of Parliament for preference of English. Some people look so odd while speaking English it looks as if some body is beating them and they are speaking while weeping.
As a matter of fact Hindi lost the day it was decided to introduce it in 1965 instead of in 1950 and to introduce the international numerals.
            To-day the use of English in all walks of life, including religious functions and invitation cards, even by those who know little English have become the rule.   All the letters and mails written in Hindi carry addresses written in English. All the shops in most of the Bhaarat write only English on their sign boards and on their wrapping materials.  At one time some Hindi films used to give cast of Hindi films in Hindi, but now a days what to say of cast in Hindi even the name of Hindi film is not written in Hindi. Every where Hindi has become Hinglish, it is extremely difficult to hear pure Hindi, every where Hindi is spoken mixed with English and Urdu  words. All kinds of Hindi media is the major culprit in destroying Hindi by putting lots of English and Urdu words in Hindi.  No hindi media use , speak or write pure Hindi.
            It is unfortunately true that in the convent –type English medium schools, where even Hindi is taught through English medium, are mushrooming all over Bhaarat and all the parents irrespective of their background are yearning to hear nursery rhymes from their children’s mouths.  All the circulating libraries are now stocked with books and magazines in English; the number of Hindi magazines is minimal and they are sought only by people of the age group 50 and above.
            Perhaps Bhaarat is the only country in the world where use of its national language is prohibited in certain fields, such as submitting applications forms to apply for shares in private and national companies and in many types of government and private works. Most of the prestigious Hindi magazines carry advertisements in English.
            Some people and magazines described Hindi as the language of the illiterates and rustics.  It seems that Hindi and other Bhaaratiya languages have lost the race to English and Urdu. Sooner it is realised the better for the unfortunate persons who honestly believed in and followed the provisions of the constitution of Bhaarat. It is unfortunate that an authorised Hindi version of all legal, commerce, medical, technical terms are not available even after 64 years of independence.
            Now the situation has come in the whole country where average person honestly believes that only knowledge of English can give him the necessary position and status in the society. Even the Hindi actors and actresses and Hindi writers etc. prefer to talk in English on Radio and TV. Even the Hindi Associations like to give the name of their organisation in English. In Canada there is one Hindi writers Association who have given the name of their organisation as Hindi Writers Guild rather than calling it as Hindi Lekhak Sangh or Sanstha. Probably these people were ashamed to use Hindi words for their organisation. It is the same story with most of the Hindi organisations. Even on Hindi Divas most of the lectures are in English.
            It is really surprising to see that a number of editors and sub- editors working in prestigious Hindi dailies and magazines, who once launched movements like Angrezi Hatao, are now giving talks in English and on English media.
            The way thing are going now a days it seems on the name of simplification, Anglophiles would succeed in replacing the most scientific Devanagari alphabets with unscientific Roman script for use for Hindi and other many Bhaaratiya languages all over Bhaarat in near future.
All kinds of Hindi media use lots of English and Urdu words in Hindi but still Hindi knowing people do not protest to Hindi media on this issue by writing protest letters to Hindi media and also by boycotting the print Hindi media and stop watching TV programs and boycotting Hindi films. Hindi films do not give cast of Hindi films in Hindi still Bhaaratiya people do not boycott Hindi films.  Many print media people write whole English sentences in Nagri script in Hindi papers. Due to the inactivity of Bhaaratiya people especially Hindus the national Press and the elite people and educated intelligentsia people have already got the position for English which was due for Hindi. Now on the name of constructing Angrezi Devi temple, there is a conspiracy to convert Dalits to Christianity on a very large scale.
Not English

...........ARYAN language culture and civilization its history spread and negation. The true Aryans (Sanskrit name) originated in ARYAVRAT today known as India .....(English name). Aryans are also know as Hindus (Arabic name). The language of the Aryans is Sanskrit. An Aryan aim in life is to practice Dharam and to defend it, since its beginning some 10000 year ago. Ahimsa paramo dharmaha, Dharma himsa tathaiva cha. This blog is a collection of views of other authors some are my personal views.
Note to my brother who wants to read Dickens An education is a means to earn money today, the English speakers have it, so you dropped your culture and language, to learn English in order to gain money.Today many Gujarati villages are emptying into the US, none will quote Dickens or Shakespeare for the move, only more money as the reason. My hope is once they have the money they will give something back to their motherland, as the Jews do.

 We are the children of Empire not of our choosing. So Algerians are considered sophisticated only when they converse in French and have attended a Grande L'ecoles in France, to speak Arabic is considered not so good(the French will agree!). Speaking of French, one of the best things the French language produced is Airbus the plane maker, Gaelic pride made them create Airbus Industries, the whole project uses French as the primary language, so next time you board an Airbus remember it was built in French in France. Other countries who have avoided the colonial mind set, China Japan and Korea all successful economies where nobody speaks English except in diplomatic circles. I meet Chinese businessmen in Kolkata who brought a English translator with them to deal with the Indians!

What language do you need to speak in order to 1. Grow food  2. Dig oil or gold, both these are basic to wealth formation.

ANS. Any language as long as you have the LAND, the British Empire did just that, in the name of all sorts  to Christianise Colonise Civilise the Black peoples and heathens ( that's me) it acquired vast tracts of it.   RESULT.    Australia double size of India with population of Mumbai (that makes them rich but not right or clever) Canada, New Zealand, USA, South Africa  etc. and that is why we speak English for MONEY

The Europeans had Roman numerals which where superseded by the far superior Hindu Numerals, for me there is a same difference between English (Roman numbers) and Gujarati and Sanskrit ( Hindu numbers) ie it is a step back in the development of a human to speak English, let me give a simple example, its difficult if you do not have knowledge of Sanskrit, and that where I will lose most if not all English speakers, to make my point.

Concept of MAN originates from the Hindu pagan God MANU and is written about in the MANU sasthras where all concepts of MAN MINE MIND ME MANU are connected and defined. Since English has no logical foundation and has lost its Sanskrit roots the words  MAN and MIND are not considered related nor even the purpose of the word MAN known , apart from as a NAME for a male human.

NAME:   from Sanskrit root Na-mahama,  NA =NO, MAHMA= ME,   means "NOT-ME" only God, in English this true meaning is lost, a truly retrograde step. The list is endless

Point is only you can promote "your" language and culture nobody else will so now is the time to start learning GUJARATI SANSKRIT AND HINDI and not Dickens nor Shakespeare surprise yourself.

"Venkatraman Ns [TheBecoming]" <> wrote:
It is surprising that those in charge of policy making in NDA  government do not understand the intensity of the anger and frustration  amongst the people in the non Hindi states due to the subtle attempts of Modi government to gradually impose Hindi. 
The genuine fear of the people in the non Hindi speaking states is that they would be reduced to second class citizens in the country if Hindi would be imposed, as those speaking Hindi will get distinct advantage over the non Hindi speaking people at the national level.                                             Mr. Naredndra Modi does not seem to be aware of the intense and popular anti Hindi agitation in non Hindi speaking states particularly in Tamil Nadu, when Mr. Lal Bahadur Shastri was the Prime Minister.  Schools and colleges had to remain closed for around three months in Tamil Nadu due to anti Hindi  protest by the students. Finally, Mr. Shastri had to give an assurance that Hindi would not be made national language so long as non Hindi speaking people would not want it. The situation has not much changed as far as the imposition of Hindi is concerned.

Today, India has enough problems and there is no feelings of difference in the country on   language issue.
Mr. Narendra Modi  should not create new issues by trying to impose Hindi.  Even today, many people in non Hindi speaking states, particularly in Tamil Nadu , feel like aliens as they do not understand Mr. Modi speaking Hindi everywhere without any translators. When he spoke in Hindi to the school children on Teacher’s Day , lakhs of school students in non Hindi
speaking states felt left out and wondered as to whether the Prime Minister belong to  Hindi knowing people only.

From: Mukund Apte  -;
            Dear Sir,
            In case bringing Hindi as a link language  for interstate Communication is opposed because Hindi speakers in Bhaarat will be getting undue advantage is the argument, let us start using संस्कृत for the purpose. In thast case non-hindi States will not have any grudge, is it not? All will have equal problems for Communicating in this link language. Let South Indian (or Non-Hindi) States as you describe, tell this to Center this. In any case English being Non Bhaarateey language should not be continued for long in Bhaarast, don't you agree sir?
            ------Mukund Apte

From: Madhusudan H Jhaveri  - ;

Tuesday, September 16, 2014
Dear Mr. Venkat --you perhaps do not represent young generation.

When working in rest of India outside of Tamilnadu they are at a disadvantage. THEY DO WANT HINDI.
AND INDIA CAN NOT PROGRESS BY 5-6 % OF ENGLISH SPEAKERS... That too a low quality English.

University Of Masschusetts, Dartmouth.

English is a lethal language या पूँजीवाद
From: Sadanand Patwardhan  -;
सबसे शर्मनाक तो यह है की अन्ग्रेजिकी क्रूरता दिखानेकी चेष्टा श्री गुप्ता लाचारिसे उसीके सहाय्यतासे कर पाते है. इतनाही नही तो दुर्भाग्यसे मेकौलेकि दुष्टता दूसरे विदेशी दिग्गज, फ्रास्वा गोतियेके गोदमे बैठकरही उजागर कर सकते है. क्वेबेक मे जमे हुए भाषातग्यने यह नही बताया की  अंग्रेजीने नही, तो जो साम्रज्यवाद्की वोह परिभाषा थी वोह सबसे खतरनाक था. उसने ना केवल भारतमे पर अफ्रीका, अमेरिका, ओस्ट्रेलिया, एशिया, जहाँ जहाँ छुआ वहा तबाही मचा दी; और आज भी मचा रहा है, केवल उसकी जड़ इंग्लेडसे निकलकर, सयुंक्त अमेरिकी राज्योमे जाकर घमासान बस गयी है. यह था दूसरे जागतिक युद्धका नतीजा.
दुनियासे न जाने कितनी नस्ले खतम हो चुकी है, हो रही है, और होएगी. बिलकुल उसी तरह न जाने कितनी भाषांए खतम हो चुकी है, हो रही है, और होएगी. लेकिन यह कुदरती एवं मानवी विनाशके प्रक्रियाकी रफ़्तार पिछ्ले पाँच-छे सदियोंसे बहुतही ज्यादा तेज हो गयी है. उसे जिम्मेदार है पुन्जिशाहिकी नीतियां जो मुनाफेके सामने बाकि सारी चीजे [संस्कृति, विविधता, कुदरती सौंदर्य] बेतुकी एवं तुच्छ समजती है और बंदूकके नौक़पे कुचल देती है. उसकी भूख नैसर्गिक संसाधनोकेलिये [जल, जंगल, जमीन, पहाड, बर्फ और उसके ऊपर निचे सभी चीजे] बेकाबू है क्योंकि पुंजिकी वृद्धि और विकास छोड़कर उसे और कुच्छ दिखाई नही देता. कोई भाषा पंडित या संस्कृतिका ठेकेदार इस सचको आपके सामने नही रख्खेगा, क्योंकी वोह इशारा एक तरफ दे रहा है हमें भड़कानेकेलिए, लेकिन चाहतातो यह है की हम असली सत्यसे अजनबी हो जाए.  जब तक यह बुनियादी बात समझमे नही आती तबतक सिर्फ उपरी उपरी इलाज कराना बेवकूफी होगी. यदि आप कुदरती तथा मानवी विविधताको सचमुच बचाना चाहतेहो तो इस राझको उजागर करो.
युक्तियुक्तम वचो ग्राह्यं बालादपि शुकादपि|