Saturday, 15 March 2014

Religion, Peace and Violence

*Religion, Peace and Violence*

*Ram Puniyani*

The global scenario is full of violence in the name of religion. The acts
of terrorism are attributed to religious teachings at times. The local
violence, the attack on religious minorities is also presented as a
religious phenomenon. The last three decades have seen this tragic
phenomenon where the political agenda of super power on one hand and the
agenda of fundamentalist-fascist groups on the other have been given the
veneer of religion. The major theory underlying the US policy in the oil
zone has derived its legitimacy from Samuel Huntington theory of 'Clash of
Civilizations'. In South Asian countries spanning from Pakistan to Myanmar
to Sri Lanka, the religious minorities have been on the firing line, have
been facing a violence orchestrated by those practicing 'religious
nationalism', those who on the pretext of defense of their religion, target
the religi